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The Picturesque Switzerland

Although a pretty small country, Switzerland is a very famous one. The strange thing is that for the different people, Switzerland is famous with different things. When it comes to this country, some of us think of the wide variety of world-known cheeses it makes. Others think of the unbreakable watches made there or the popular Swiss banks. But for myself, I have found another great side of the country its gorgeous nature. That is why, as a nature-lover, I will try to present here the most beautiful places you can visit for a walk or drive.

For those of you who want to explore on foot and are not afraid of walking a bit more, here are some perfect places for doing so. A place that offers great views is Mount Santis at 2 502 meters above the sea level. It is perhaps the most impressive mount in the Alps and you can start your hike from the Wasserrauen village nearby. To Wasserrauen can get by train from another village - Appenzell. From Wasserrauen you can cross the 8,9 kilometer distance to Schwagalp, which is around 5 hours walk. From the Schwagalp village by cable car you will get to the platform, from where you can see the mount itself.

Another pretty famous walk is called The Great Watershed (Grosse Scheidegg). It is located in the Jungfrau region (central Switzerland) and can offer breathtaking views of glaciers and mountains. You can also see the massive rocks of the Wetterhorn. You can begin walking from the Meiringen village and finish in the Grindelwald resort, 21 kilometers farther. And there are also bust stops along the road.

Another hiking path is the Burgenstock Felsenweg, located in the area of Lake Lucerne. The landscape there will probably leave you breathless as it is one of the greatest in Switzerland. You can start from the Burgenstock resort and finish in Ennetburgen. The distance is around 7 kilometers and passes through gorgeous views of Mount Pilatus and Lake Lucerne.

I would also suggest visiting the lakes in the Upper Engadine. They are four in total and are located 1 771 meters above the sea level, but the hiking path is not steep at all. The distance is 14 kilometers and offers views of lakes and mountain ranges. You can begin from Maloja, pass through the gorgeous village Segl-Maria and finish on the banks of the lake in the Silvaplana resort (around 3 hours).

And finally I will just mention the most famous and beautiful drives. Perhaps the most popular is the road above the Great St. Bernard Pass, beginning from Zurich or Basel and ending in Italy. The road over the Furka Pass offers some amazing views of the nearby glacier. St. Gotthard Pass Road and the road over the Bernina Pass are also marvelous and popular but especially the last one can be dangerous if the winding road is icy. While the above mentioned may be surrounded by some bridges, the Simplon Pass Road fully uncovers the unspoilt beauty of the mountainous landscape. There are many other places one can write about, but the most important thing is that if you want to get away from the big city traffic, you should try discovering the nature beauty of Switzerland.

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