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Find Your Perfect Mate With A Swiss Army Knife

Letís face it. The battle of the sexes has not answered any questions. If anything, weíre more baffled about the workings of the opposite sex than ever. Itís no wonder why dating and relationships are such tedious exercises. Each expects too much from the other, leading to disappointment and ultimately, disaster.

The Almost Perfect Man

Is there such a thing as a perfect man? This is a question foremost in most single womenís minds. After years of searching, most women have come to the conclusion that there isnít. There are those lucky enough, however, to have found a man close enough to perfection and definitely mate-worthy. These men dress right, have good hygiene, and keep great jobs. They are stable in every possible way Ė financially, emotionally, and mentally. If you do manage to snag one of these rare species, do your best to keep him. Chances are itíll be awhile before you find another, or worse, never.

Know One When You See One

How do you know when youíve found a keeper? Men are a strange bunch and most women canít tell right away that theyíve found the cream of the crop. Some women will tell you to look at the teeth. If theyíre too perfect or too flawed, dump him. A man who is forever-and-ever material supposedly has teeth that are just right.

Short of prying open every one of your dateís mouths, there are, of course, better ways to know if a man is a keeper. Over the years, women have accumulated intelligence on how to tell, ranging from finding out about his past relationships to whether he has a Swiss Army knife, the latter being a very effective determinant. If your man owns a Swiss Army knife and actually knows how to use it, start looking for wedding dresses.

Knife It For What Itís Worth

So whatís all the fuss about a Swiss Army knife? Itís quite simple, really. A Swiss Army knife symbolizes responsibility and readiness, meaning a man is responsible enough to take care of a family and might be quite ready for matrimony. Youíve just found yourself a Boy Scout Ė always prepared. A Swiss Army knife is also a beacon of masculinity and maturity. Youíll never have to wonder if he bats for the other team, or if you have a big baby under your care.

Of course, the manís Swiss Army knife has to be more than for show. He has to know what each of those steel blades are for and must have used each of them at least once. After all, anyone can own a Swiss Army knife, but very few actually know the merits of owning such a tool.

Indeed, finding the perfect (or almost perfect) man is a task almost as gargantuan as finding the Holy Grail, especially in this day and age when nobody believes in destiny anymore. There isnít always somebody for someone, only for a select few. Not everyone believes in happy-ever-after anymore, only that itís happy right now. But if you believe with all your heart that The One exists for you somewhere, chances are he is.

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