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Vacation in the Paradise of Switzerland

If a vacation spent trekking through high mountaintops doesn't sound like your ideal pastime, perhaps you should think again. Think of spending your days walking along well-structured paths, with views of glaciers, flowered meadows, and glistening lakes. Then imagine spending your nights in an inn with luxury hospitality, fluffy down comforters, and homemade dinners and desserts. Imagine spending a few days between hikes exploring the finest chocolate shops, and shopping in some of the world's most well-known cultural cities. Or spend your day exploring a museum or relaxing in the meadows by the comforting sound of a river, followed by a night out on the town in the hottest club in Europe. If any of these activities sound appealing to you, you should consider Switzerland for your next vacation spot.

Switzerland holds the best activities to please everyone. You can explore the famous city of Geneva, the birthplace of the U.N. It is a perfect vacation spot where you can easily walk to the famed water fountain, the Flower Clock in the English Garden, see the Reformation Wall, and be awed by St. Peter's cathedral. Close by, the city of Zurich can offer you the shopping and clubs of Paris. Or if you want to experience the culture of the Swiss, Lucerne hosts the International Music Festival every year or stop by the Musée de l'Art.

Perhaps the best part of Switzerland is the background of the city, the Alps. Hiking is a national pastime for the Swiss, and there are plenty of signs directing you to hiking paths, called wanderwegs. You can plan a few easy hikes through the footpaths or into the mountain trails. If you plan on exploring the Alps by yourself, you should pick up an informative book such as Trekking and Climbing the Swiss Alps. Not only does this offer you a range of hikes from a short day hike to a longer 3 day journey, but it also provides clear pictures and concise directions. With the directions, it includes interesting cultural and historical information as it guides you through planning your trip.

If you want more direction than a book can provide, you can book a Swiss hiking tour. A guided tour can offer you a small group trek with an expert lead. This type of tour can also show you the best that the Western Alps have to offer, so you don't miss anything during your trip. Another benefit of using a guide is that they shuttle your luggage, so all you have to worry about is carrying a few snacks and capturing the beautiful scenery with your camera. At night, you can rest in traditional chalet-styled inns, with all the comforts to restore you and rejuvenate you for the next day's adventure.

Switzerland can offer you an adventurous and active vacation, so you're never bored. You can return home feeling inspired, challenged, and rejuvenated by the Swiss culture, Swiss Alps, and Swiss hospitality.

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