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Romania Map - Vast One

Romania map fences an area of 238,391 kmē on ground. The largest country in southeastern Europe and twelfth largest in Europe, Romania is amongst the worthwhile destinations. Danube forms a large part of Romania's border with Serbia and Bulgaria. Prut River joins Danube which in turns forms the border with Republic of Moldova. A biosphere reserve and a world heritage Danube Delta is within Romanian territory on the black sea. It is the largest delta in Europe. Danube, the Siret, the Olt, the Tisa and the Mure are the significant rivers running in or through Romania.

You will find both hilly and lowland territories. Romania's terrain is distributed roughly equally between mountainous, hilly and lowland territories. The dominating mountain is Carpathian Mountain which has fourteen peaks above the altitude of 2,000 meters. Moldoveanu Peak with 2544 meter height is the highest one in Romania. In south-central Romania, the Carpathians sweeten into hills, towards the Plains. Geographical diversity has given rise to diversity in flora and fauna. Europe's largest brown bear population is in Romania.

Physically, Romania's structure seems to have certain symmetry. You will find a complex geographical complexity in the form of unit centered on the Transylvanian Basin, around which the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains and their associated sub ranges and structural platforms form a series of crescents. The outer crescent is formed by the Danube and its tributaries resulting in the evolvement of fertile plains. The great diversity in geology, topography, climate, hydrology and flora and fauna make it an interesting place to live in.

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