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Train Travel

Private jet? So old hat...

If you hire a private jet, you may well reach your destination in record time, but can you afford it. If style is what you are after, then a train is the way to travel.

You can hire a train to travel from anywhere to almost anywhere in the world, depending on cash.

It's possible to organise private train trips around the UK and overseas. Apparently the demand for this type of rail journey has increased with the private air charter business flocking to avoid the hassle of the airlines.

Recently a "celebrity couple" hired a six-carriage Orient Express train, including a Pullman carriage frequently used by the late Grace Kelly, an Austrian presidential sleeping car and a Piano Bar for themselves and six body guards. The eleven hour 660 mile journey cost 70,000.

These journeys can be very expensive, bracketing themselves out of the reach of most of us, but a lot of time and work goes into the creating of these leisurely trips by specialised train travel agents. Travelling through six countries across Europe can take up to eight weeks to organise.

A more achievable option would be to hire a private carriage on a scheduled train, which is now becoming increasingly popular. Hiring one of these carriages for a party of 40 people from London to Bath would put you back a total of 3,000, with catering and/or entertainment at an additional cost.

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