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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Swiss Memory USB Thumb Drive With Laser- Product Review

Just when you think Victorinox has done everything possible to a Swiss Army Knife, they throw in a surprise. Now you can have a Swiss Army Knife that has a laser beam on it. The red laser allows for 70 foot visible range and 300 foot visible range in complete darkness. It has self-regulating built-in circuitry to allow for maximum output with minimum power usage.

We all know that Swiss Army stands for ingenuity and quality at a fair price. Victorinox is a name brand that you can trust as it has been around for 100 years. Swiss Army Brands have already fascinated the public with all the useful features they use on their knives: saws, files, knives, pens, scissors, toothpick, tweezers, seatbelt cutters, bits, can openers, Phillips screwdriver tips, pliers, pins, orange peelers, hooks, clocks, reamers, LED lights, and such.

In the last few years digital readouts have become available that give readouts of temperature, altitude, time, and even an alarm clock. Models to check out are the Voyage and Traveller. Two years ago they came up with the built-in Swiss Memory stick in which you can transfer files to and from your computer by plugging it into your usb port. A Victorinox MP3 player with AM/FM radio has also joined their high tech lineup of pocketknives. Incredible. And you thought they just made quaint little red pocket knives.

The new for 2007 Swiss Memory by Victorinox Swiss Army Brands has come up with a multitool that has a laser beam that is actuated by a button on the body of the multitool and has the following features: a memory stick in either 1 GB or 2 GB, a keyring, and is airport friendly. Versions are also available that have the typical small knife blade, scissors, and nail file with screwdriver tip.

If you like old-fashioned Swiss Army Knives, you're sure to love their high tech cousin: the Swiss Memory Laser. Imagine the wow factor when you pull this baby out of your pocket. Your friends will be amazed and think you are on the cutting edge of cool.

Lisa Gunther is a freelance writer and product reviewer. Swiss Knives Express is the perfect place to select a Swiss Army knife for yourself or loved one: http://www.swissknivesexpress.com

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