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Traveling by Train across the U.S. and Europe

Have you ever considered traveling by train across the United States or Europe? Most people in the United States do not consider train travel as a good option, but it may be time to think again. When you think of traveling by train, you may think of all of the commuter trains, but to truly experience train travel you need to look at it in a new light. With the cost of gasoline and also air travel on the rise, it may be time for the relaxing, smooth and carefree way to see the country-traveling by train.

Train travel in the United States is by no means a new thing. A century ago it was the best way to get from one point to another. Airplane and car travel was very new and most people could not afford it. However, it was not long before traveling by train became a thing of the past as air and automobile travel became faster and more efficient. People take trains now for commuting. Just a select few enjoy traveling by train for nostalgic reasons. You can still catch the Trans-Continental Railway across Canada, or the Durango to Silverton train in Colorado, or the Grand Canyon railway to the South Rim.

In Europe, on the other hand it is a different story. Traveling by train is the norm rather than the exception in many areas. It is expensive to own and operate a car, so people take the train. Visitors as well as natives take the train not only to get around town, but also to get from city to city and country to country. If you get a Euro rail pass and a passport, you can go virtually anywhere. These passes can be purchased online or at a station.

Train travel in the U.S. may experience a rebirth of sorts in the future as people try to control travel costs as well as slow down the busy pace of their lives. Many train operating companies offer great discounts and deals for travelers and students. If you want to take a train, get on board.

Eriani Doyel writes articles about Leisure and Travel. For more information about traveling by train visit ubetraveling.com.

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