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The Benefits of Swiss Rolex Replicas

Of the 5 grades of Rolex replicas, the Swiss are considered to be the best. The five grades of Rolex Replicas are Swiss (the best, Grade 1), Japanese (very good, Grades 2-4) and Chinese (the cheapest and worst, Grade 5).

The weight of the Swiss Rolex Replica is almost exactly the same as a genuine Rolex. They are noticeably heavy because of the quality of the materials. If the watch is too light for its size, it's not a Swiss Rolex replica.

The crystal of Swiss replicas is genuine sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal is a type of glass that is many times better at resisting scratches than regular glass.

Swiss replicas are usually water-resistant for 100 feet (30 meters) diving, and the jewel movement is among the best.

Given all of these superior traits, it makes sense that the Swiss Rolex Replica should be the most expensive of all replicas. Indeed, the wholesale price is between $500 and $700, and the retail ranges from $675 to $1800. Consumers should expect a one-year warranty, just like the genuine Rolex.

It is perfectly legal to posses Rolex replicas. However, some manufacturers that produce imitations may be in violation of copyright and trademark laws.

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