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Swiss Hiking - A Fabulous Get-Away

An enthusiastic hiker and outdoor fanatic are not terms I would ever use to describe myself. My husband, on the contrary, is just that. The man would live under the stars if he could! It does seem interesting that the two of us ended up together, considering our interests are rather opposite and there is not much commonality between us. However, I love him dearly and like to think he feels the same.

So, being the city girl I am, you can imagine my reluctance and dismay when he suggested we go hiking in the Swiss Alps for our three year anniversary “get-away” trip. Was this man serious?

So reluctant at first, I actually started to enjoy the idea of spending vacation in Switzerland the more we discussed it. Not only is the small European country known the world over for its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenery, but my father was from Switzerland and I was excited at the prospect of visiting his birthplace and learning about his heritage and family.

Still, traipsing all over Switzerland was not my idea of an ideal romantic getaway but I decided to be a good sport and I agreed to go on the trip, especially because I knew how much my husband really wanted to go on this trip.

We arrived in Switzerland on a beautiful sunny day to begin our Swiss hiking adventure with a tour guide (seriously the only way to travel such a place). Having a guide allowed us to travel the stunning Swiss landscape in safety and without worry of becoming lost or wandering into difficult or rough terrain. Our guide was confident, friendly, and had an intense knowledge of the area we were hiking, making our trip enjoyable and believe it or not, relaxing (despite the intense hiking).

The reputation of the Swiss Alps is known the world over, but words do not do such amazing landscapes and scenery justice (if you have been there yourself, you will know what I mean). Overwhelming is certainly an understatement when one is describing the beauty of the Swiss Alps. I was completely blown away by the regal mountains, beautiful waterfalls, and thriving alpine meadows. I stood at the top of a glacier and in the shadow of the great Matterhorn mountain. Even the air smelled more fresh and the birds sang sweeter than anywhere else I have ever been

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