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Swiss Bank Accounts

Most people think that a Swiss bank account is for a millionaire, crook, dishonest government official, or member of the mafia, but the truth is somewhat more savory. There is nothing illegal or fishy about having a Swiss bank account. Swiss banks welcome clients from all over the world. They are renowned because they have tightest regulation in the whole world in terms of security and privacy. A Swiss bank account is an ideal place to protect your hard earned money and assets. Swiss banks function on the concept of the full service bank, with the bank performing services such as securities brokerage, investment counseling, and portfolio management.

Beside regular accounts like checking, saving, and custodial accounts, Swiss banks offer four special accounts. A Swiss postal account requires no minimum balance, has minimal fees, but doesn't have a checkbook. The Standard account gives the benefits of phone banking, online trading, and enhances investment options. It has checkbook facility with a minimum balance of $4000. The Investment fund account requires a minimum $5000 balance. This account helps investors with securities trading and in need liquidation of shares. A Swiss numbered account requires a minimum balance of US$100,000. A particular number identifies this account rather than a name, in order to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the account holder and only few bank officials know the identity of account holders. The numbered account can be open when someone applies personally.

Swiss bank accounts also hold valuables like stock certificates, gold, silver, and other property for a fee. Depositing and withdrawing of money from Swiss bank accounts is as simple as trading with checks, money orders, and credit cards. Money can be withdrawn in any currency. Swiss banks are legally bound not to disclose the identity of account holder except in criminal cases. Swiss bank accounts can be open and operated easily via the Internet from all over the world by any ordinary person. For sophisticated and discreet banking services, Swiss banks are the only option in whole world.

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