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Swiss banks can offer a range of Swiss bank accounts to suit your needs. There is no cost to arrange a confidential consultation to discuss your Swiss bank account needs. Swiss Banks will provide information about Swiss bank accounts,ranging from the classic Swiss bank account, Swiss private bank account Swiss internet bank account and investment fund accounts to the highly prestigious numbered account. Swiss banks can provide an account ideally suited to your needs.

Accounts can be opened by mail negating the need for you to visit Switzerland in order to open an account. Additionally a number of services such as internet banking, mail retaining, credit cards and investment options can be set up on these accounts.

Account officers can be appointed speaking English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Arabic and the service can be customised to your needs.

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A Swiss private bank can offer asset protection for clients with a substantial liquid net worth. Offshore asset protection is becoming increasingly popular with clients seeking to safeguard their savings from litigation, punitive taxation or possible future divorce settlements by distancing themselves from their assets in the eyes of the law. Swiss private banking consultants are highly experienced and can offer you the very best advice and services.

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Bank secrecy is not lifted for tax evasion. This is because failure to report income or assets is not considered a crime in Switzerland. As such, neither the Swiss government, nor any other government, can obtain information about your bank account. They must first convince a Swiss judge that you have committed a serious crime punishable by the Swiss Penal Code.

Bank secrecy will not be lifted for private matters such as inheritance or divorce if you have kept your banking information strictly confidential. It is up to plaintiffs to prove that the account exists if they wish the judge to pursue the case.

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