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Swiss Army Watch - Peerless Keeper of Time

The soldier released his parachute mid-air. He reaches the ground and wades through a murky swamp, making sure to raise his rifle above his head. He uses his compass to move towards the coordinates he was given. Then, he peers through his binoculars and sees the fortress that he and his battalion have to storm for a search and rescue mission. After surveying the place for a few minutes, he grabs the communications receiver attached his uniform belt and calls headquarters. They inform him that he and his battalion have to strike at exactly 16:00. The soldier looks at his wrist, only to discover that he had left his Swiss army watch at the base!

The Army, the Army!
Switzerland's military has the characteristics of both a regular army and a militia. It is probably best known for its up-to-date equipment, including Swiss army watches. The army's origins can be traced to the Old Swiss Confederacy's cantonal troops. This group had two functions: it may be called upon to help its own members, or to fight outside threats. These armies were later changed to a federal army. In the late 1980s, the size of the Swiss army began to shrink, and the trend continues to this day.

Pilot Your Way Through Life
Among all the Swiss armed forces, the Swiss Air Force is the smallest. Consequently, there is much competition to get positions as aircraft pilots. In fact, at the age of 16, parachutists and potential pilots must conduct training during their own spare time. One can join a unit of candidate pilots after finishing officer school and finishing basic training. Though you may not join the Swiss Army, you must practice or train hard for any type of position you wish to have. A Swiss army watch can assist you in this undertaking by ensuring that you keep appointments and follow schedules.

An Engineering Marvel
Soldiers training for Switzerland's military learn several practical lessons. Although they are far from begin boy scouts, the Swiss Army lives by the same rule. "Be prepared" is a mantra Swiss soldiers have to live out. It is thus not surprising that Swiss army items, such as the Swiss army watch, are engineered with the same mantra in mind. The Swiss army watch, like the Swiss Army itself, is ready for just about any blow or challenge. Designed to be durable, classy, and precise, the Swiss army watch is the very epitome of everything that's wonderful and amazing about Swiss engineering.

Keeping Time Uniquely
What makes a Swiss army watch so distinctive? The first is the workmanship. The Swiss, in general, are expert watchmakers. Switzerland is even touted as the watch-making center of the world. The Swiss are such excellent watchmakers, in fact, watchmaking is one of the country's oldest, if not the largest, industry. The Swiss government supports watchmaking in every way, including establishing schools and courses for training people in the craft of making Swiss army watches. Other reasons a Swiss army watch is on a league of its own include remarkable finish, durability, precision, and incredible attention to detail.

So, should you get your own Swiss army watch? The answer is a resounding yes. A Swiss army watch will not only help you keep track of of time, it will let you keep time accurately and uniquely.

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