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Stunning Switzerland

It is sometimes surprising to realize how a small country can have such a vast and extraordinary variety of attractions. Switzerland, a dream destination of every tourist is full of splendor and unparalleled destinations. The level of my excitement on being there was not unexpected considering the thrill I used to have while watching the beauty of Switzerland in films or television documentaries--the spectator’s realization in this country always conforms to those camera clips.

Situated in the Central Europe, this alpine beauty, never let you eyes go off the peaks and breathtaking scenery. These mountains are perfect for skiing areas. The Matterhorn in Zermatt is an awesome spot for skiing adventure. This famous peak of Alps in Zermatt is the most popular amongst mountaineers. Each of the cities in Switzerland has something in store to stun you when you are there. The exceptional lake side location of Geneva make the tourists extend their leaves. It is rich in museums, fountains and restaurants and several other worthwhile places.

In the eastern side of the country, the mountain valley of Graubunden offers spectacular views of mountain landscapes. The Bernese Oberland invites you to witness the most stunning mountain views especially that of Jaunfarau lying south of Interlaken. Abundant of worth watching scenery grace this highly appealing place. City of Zurich has its own charm. Known for the famous financial establishments and world class art galleries, this city offer a wonderful opportunity to enjoy swimming in the lake Zurich. Fantastic place!

One can never afford to overlook the panoramic view of White Mountains at Engadin. One of the most thrilling attractions, Mt Pilatus in Lucerene is a spot wherefrom you can enjoy the awesome vistas. The amazing journey to the 7000 ft high peak on cable car makes you encounter the dream sight of mountains and amazing vistas. And this is not the end of journey; one has to have a lot of stamina to cover up the entire fabulous attraction of Stunning Switzerland. You can find more information on Switzerland tourism on the site.


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