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Practice Safe Hiking in the Alps!

The Swiss Alps is one of the most breathtaking and scenic landscapes you will ever visit. People travel from all over to hike through the lush alpine meadows, climb majestic peaks, and breathe the pristine mountain air. If you are planning a trip to the Swiss hikes, it is important to practice safe hiking and traveling.

- Give yourself a few days to acclimate to the new altitude and thin air. Try going on a few short hikes to prepare your body for the longer hikes. If you begin to suffer from altitude sickness (headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc.), you should descend immediately.

- This may seem obvious, but it is important to avoid hiking in areas with bad weather. Make sure you check the extended forecast before you begin; the weather in the mountains can fluctuate quite a bit.

- Avoid treacherous trails, deep ravines, and crossing dangerous glaciers, unless you are with an experienced guide.

- Overcast days are not the best days for hiking the Swiss Alps; your views will be limited and you will be missing out on all the gorgeous scenery.

- If you are planning day long hikes (where you hike each day to your next destination) consider using public transportation so you will not have to return to your starting point. You can pre-arrange to have your luggage dropped off at each destination before your arrival.

- Try to start your hike as early as possible; while you can estimate how long it will take you, your actual hike time will depend on how in shape you are and how many breaks you take.

Source: www.a1articles.com