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Offshore Bank Accounts - Offshore Banking Swiss Bank Account - Private Bank Accounts

A Swiss bank account is not just for wealthy clients but they are also Swiss business bank accounts. Both type of clients are of the type that want more than just a Swiss bank account to place their money into for safe keeping. Swiss bankers like their clients to have investment strategies and a long term view of the wealth.

Swiss bank accounts offer the strictest privacy, total safety and they are Multi currency. With your Swiss bank account you can earn interest in any major currency, receive an international credit card and even bank entirely online.

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Very wealthy clients prefer to use a Swiss private bank. Swiss private banks are renowned for their expertise and prolific banking skills. They are the chose of Royal families and Billionaires ! But do not be put of by that,you can open a Swiss private bank account for as little a $500,000 and access to the World best wealth managers!

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You can also now access you account details, if you so wish via the internet. Most Swiss banks now issue clients with ATM cards and credit cards for cash access at any ATM any where in the World. If you need a large amount of money from your Swiss bank account, they will arrange a wire transfer or even a courier to carry cash.

Swiss banks can also put together a Tax vehicle for your to help you either pay no Tax or little Tax.

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