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Montreux Hotels Switzerland - Fabulous Platforms

Located at the shore of Lake Geneva, Montreux is a fabulous destination in Switzerland. It is set against an Alpine mountain range background. Some of the ancient sights in the city remind of a time when Montreux was a small town and did not enjoy the same reputation as it has now-a-days. Montreux gives you fantastic opportunities to attend grand international festivals. And Molntreux hotels offer you best platform to wait for such mega events in the city. Excellent shopping experiences and sunbathing at the Swiss Riviera remain indelible in your memory. Do not ever forget to visit the famous medieval Château de Chillon too. Lausanne is also very nearby for which you can set off any time.

Montreux has plenty of ancient heritages that explain the historical glories of the city. In the 12th century viticulture developed in the city, which made it an important wine growing region. This all became possible because of the sunny slopes of the lake from Lavaux to Montreux. Many princes ruled the region from time to time. The princes of Savoy from the south side of the lake did the most notable work. After the Burgandian Wars got over in 15th century and the reformation made thereafter shaped the region around Montreux and Vevey as an attractive destination for the tourists from Italy. Workshops and business ventures developed immensely. Some of the finest Montreux hotels Switzerland also are part of them. In 17th century, Naploean freed the region from the Bernese. The tourist industry became a big commercial outlet. Montreux emerged as a rich and cultured city that possesses some attractive grand hotels.

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