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Get Fit With Swiss Exercise Ball Routines And Safety Tips

Do you frequent gyms for workouts and body fitness? Then you would be quite familiar with the sight of Swiss exercise balls. Nowadays, most gyms have Swiss exercise balls, especially for those who are interested in building up their abs. Chances are you might have been one of them.

If you are not yet familiar with the Swiss exercise ball, then here are some of the routines. You could do these by adding certain twists in your workout routine to excite the nervous system – all with the use of a handy Swiss ball.

1. Push–ups

You can make this exercise a lot easier or even harder, depending on what your body requires, with a Swiss ball. If you want to take things easy then you can lie with your face down. The Swiss ball must give support to your hips.

Then, you could make the routine more difficult by crawling forward and allowing the Swiss ball to roll going to your feet.

2. Alternating Superman

You can lie with your face down atop a Swiss ball. Use your toes and fingertips to attain balance. Then, rise up one of your legs and its opposite arm and hold them up parallel with the ground. You must position your arm in an angle of 45° and point out your thumb upward.

If you like to perform the advanced version, then you just simply elevate yourself atop the Swiss ball and fly like Superman. Do net let your arms or even legs touch the ground for at least a minute. This routine is certainly a great training in achieving balance!

3. Whole body Swiss ball exercises

This is the ultimate exercise to achieve functional training for flexing up muscles and joints.

4. Forward Swiss Ball Roll

Perform this by kneeling behind the Swiss exercise ball and placing your forearms on it. Then, you have to start inhaling and drawing your umbilicus within and then roll forward doing synchronized motion at the joints of your hip and shoulders. While doing this, it is necessary to go only as far as you are able to and maintain ideal spinal alignment.

Other types of Swiss ball exercises are the Supine Hip Extension and Knee Flexion and the Supine Lateral Swiss Ball Roll.

In order for you to maintain safety and effectiveness in performing Swiss exercise ball workouts, always check out if your ball and the area for your workout are cleared out of any tiny stray fragments like thorns, tacks, staples, grit, etc. Your ball might be punctured by any of these objects and deflate your enthusiasm for the workout.

Furthermore, if the floor is quite slippery, make sure to use an exercise mat. You must also take care and prevent the ball from sliding underneath your body while you are making routines with it.

In addition, as with any other gym workouts, make sure that you have performed the appropriate warm-ups. Performing workouts through Swiss exercise ball is fun and surefire way of staying fit as long as you perform them with caution.

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