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European Alps - French - Swiss and Italian

The alps mountains are well known and popular place in Europe. There are also other Alps regions but we will talk about thos lying in Europe. This great system of mountains is stretching across many european countries. From east it is Austria and Slovenia to west to France. The range also includes countries like Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and Italy. According to the country where the mountains are located they are named as French Alps, Italian Alps and Swiss Alps.

The highest mountain in the Europe and all alpine system is Mont Blanc with its 4808 metres. This peak is on the border between France and Italy. This area is very popular, mainly suring winter, but also in summer. People book their alps hotels, chalets, accommodation to enjoy winter and summer sports, like skiing, snowboarding, hiking and more.

Simply said the Alps is a good place for a vacation or holiday all year long. Climate in the alpine region is cold and similar to the climate in the polar areas. Higher you go lower the temperature will be. Snow and rains are very often and snow lasts all year long in some areas. Fauna and flora in the alpine system is very rich..we can mention some trees like: beech, oak, maple or ash.

There are also pine trees above the forestry level. From species living in alps we can mention: alpine butterfly, salamander, golden eagle, capercaillie, chamois, ptarmigan, mountain hare, owl, alpine marmot and more other species. Simply European alps are worth visiting.

Alps Mountains

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