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Can Swiss Ball Exercises Burn Off Love Handles

The Swiss Ball is also known as the balance ball, exercise ball, gym ball or fitness ball. Swiss balls have been around in the rehabilitation and physical therapy settings for a long time. They are however relatively new to the fitness world. Use of the Swiss ball in your exercise routine, when used correctly, is safe, highly effective and fun.

Swiss balls are inexpensive, portable, versatile and powerful. They are extremely helpful to you for losing love handles and developing a firm well-defined midsection. In 2000, a study by Vera-Garcia and colleagues showed the Swiss ball improved the effectiveness of the crunch in burning off love handles by four times, saying: "Performing the curl over the gym ball with the feet on the floor doubled activity in the rectus abdominus muscle, and activity in the external oblique muscle increased approximately fourfold."

Another love handle exercise with the Swiss ball is a reverse crunch. To perform this you lay face down across the ball, your arms and hands in a push up position on the floor and the ball under your knees. Keep your back straight. Suck in your stomach, push your knees into the ball and draw them up toward your chest. Hold this tucked position for three or four breaths then extend to the starting position. Remember to move slowly and deliberately. Keep your back straight. Start out with 5 repetitions, increase to 10 to 15 as you get stronger.

There are dozens of abdominal and love handle exercises that can be done with the Swiss ball. They are extremely effective. But most important they are fun, which we know will help us keep up with this part of our quest to burn those love handles and improve our total fitness.

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