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A Must Visit Zurich

Switzerland’s most important city in terms of finance, commerce and industries, Zurich always is center of attraction. Being close to the Alps, it offers a number of opportunities to explore the alpine beauty and leisure activities of Switzerland. Located in the heart of Europe, this city is a hub of cultural, historical and natural wealth. Lake Zurich further adds to the beauty of the city.

Zurich, Switzerland is very easily accessible as several airways render their services between the city and other continents. One can reach here by train or car too. Lake Zurich and River Limmat flanking the city impart splendor to it and from here you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of Swiss Alps too. Abundance of cultural, historical and architectural wealth makes it quite a nice place to spend time.

Swiss National Museum, Great Church and several others worth visiting corners of the city give you so many things to notice and explore. You can have a look on the old aircrafts used throughout the history of Switzerland at the Swiss National Museum. The Great Church (Grossminster) is amongst the old churches in the city which have historical and architectural significance. For world class shopping experience you can stroll on the famous pedestrian street Bahnhofstrasse—a great place to be actively relaxed.

To make note of the numbers of fountains, it is 1030 in the city. Is it not great? It is always nice to walk around the streets and find 16th and 17th century houses and courtyards—they take you the past of Zurich city. Besides possessing the historical tinge, Zurich is a trendsetter in fashion, eating and lifestyle of Swiss people.


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