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1U Rack Mount Servers

Rack mount servers are systems in a modern server used for mounting various kinds and sizes of electronic modules. If someone needs to set or pack a number of personal computers into a much smaller space, rack mount servers are ideal.

Rack mount servers are very commonly used across different parts of the world for a number of purposes, starting from the world of video editing suites, computer animation and other three-dimensional works. These rack mount servers are available in various sizes depending on their height and configurations. The usual sizes are 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U, and 7U, as per the definition of the Electronic Industries Association (EIA). These numbers are used to describe the various sizes of the rack mount server cases. They are generally used to describe the height of the cases, with a constant width of nineteen inches.

These cases are available at various retail shops. But the best way to make a choice is only after doing research. A number like 1U or 2U does not make sense if there is no clear notion about the unit through which it is measured. However, this U comes from the term unit. But the real term of the unit is RU, or simply Rack Unit, where one RU or U is defined as 1.75 inches. So a 1U rack amount simply means that the capacity in terms of the rack mount height is 1.75 inches. A 1U rack mount server is equipped to handle high-density rack installations. The applications that are ideal for it are data collection, web appliances, various servers and firewalls, and they all yield a higher performance in spite of the minimal rack space.

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